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Current Record: Alexandrium pacificum (Alexandrium tamarense)

Alexandrium pacificum (Alexandrium tamarense)

Alexandrium pacificum

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Species nameAlexandrium pacificum
SynonymsAlexandrium tamarense
CountryNew Zealand
LocalityMarsden Point
Lat./Long35°52'S 174°29'E
Collection date1997
IsolatorLincoln MacKenzie
Isolation date1997
Identified byLincoln MacKenzie
Identification methodLM, SEM, DNA sequencing
Growth conditions: MediaGP
Growth conditions: Temperature18+/-1°C
Growth conditions: L/d cycle12:12
Toxins/ToxicityNon toxic
ReferencesRef. for species name changes: Formal Revision of the Alexandrium tamarense Species Complex (Dinophyceae) Taxonomy: The Introduction of Five Species with Emphasis on Molecular-based (rDNA) Classification. Protist, Vol. 165, 779-804, Dec.2014. (Obsolete earlier ref. Lincoln MacKenzie, Miguel de Salas, Janet Adamson, Veronica Beauzenberg 2003. The dinoflagellate genus Alexandrium (Halim) in New Zealand coastal waters: comparative morphology , toxicity and molecular genetics. Harmful Algae 3: 71-92)
Other CommentsCollected and isolated in 1997 - exact dates not recorded.